Saturday, February 19, 2011

***WARNING***Nutella Cupcakes

These may make you slap your mama!!!

It takes a lot to "wow" me with cake or cupcakes.
And these Nutella Cupcakes by My Baking Addiction definitely have the "wow" factor.
I agree with Jaime, don't attempt to eat more than one at one sitting! ***Trust me, I learned the hard way.*** You will need a BIG glass of milk.
I made these for my best friend, Jan's dad! It's his birthday and Jan lives out of state.
Jan, I wish you had 1 of these.  
Want the recipe? click HERE


  1. I wish I had one too! Thanks so much! You are a life saver! I love for them to get cakes or goodies for their birthday and since I am not there to make them I love that I can count on you to help me out! THANKS!!! Love ya Jan