Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our adventure back in time

We went to a garage sale this morning
Came home & Clayton found 4 old
 *** envelopes & letters***
inside of the box of the camping stove he bought.
The envelopes had Navy stamps on them & were dated 1944

The letters were written by a young man in WWII
He sent them to the love of his life. She lived in Fernadina, FL.
He was assuming she was writing to him but the soldiers weren't receiving any mail.
He kept telling her that he was just holding out hope for a letter
He wrote a lot about his love for her & what it means to have someone back home waiting for him.
His mom was sending him Fernandina News and he hoped to get that soon.

I Googled their names and guess what!
It seems that after he returned from the war they were married and they are now buried in the cemetery a few miles from our home.
We went out and visited their graves.

After some research here is what we have found out:
Turns out the stove had been donated to the garage sale from someone (the person that donated it today is a long time family friend of ours)
She was given the stove 6yrs ago!A family member happened to see my post on Facebook and we were out in contact with 1 of the 3 daughters of Mel & Lil.

The next day we met Mrs Janis to return the letters to the family. She brought pictures of Mel & Lil.

As a homeschooling family this was such an amazing living history experience.  We were able to discuss WWII, genealogy, & so much more. I'm so thankful to get to spend this time with my kids.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Self Sufficiency Survival class

The kids had their first survival class with Live Oak Self Sufficiency.
Paul and Kat did wonderful teaching fire building with the use of flint & steel to the group.
For 3 hours all of the kids were actively involved with learning about fire, how to build one, and fire safety.
Not only were the kids learning the mom's were learning also. I had never heard of char cloth (wikipedia).
To say the kids were excited would be an understatement. We are anxiously awaiting the next class.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Animal cells vs. plant cells

Normally I'm on the other side of the camera. �� We were looking at epithelial cells and an onion membrane. Animal cells vs plant cells. 

Backwoods Country Jam with Justin Moore

We had a great time at the Backwoods Country Jam. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where and what I eat on the go

Eat at your own risk!
As you know I am NOT I'm saying these places are certified gluten free.

What I order: (click the link for the restaurant allergy menu)
Barberitos  Burrito Bowl or nachos
Chickfila Grilled chicken tenders (ask for them most places will grill the tenders) or nuggets & fries
They have a dedicated fryer for fries so there is no cross contamination
Larry's Giant Subs: has a GF sub roll (it tastes like wheat bread)  Oh YUMM!!!

Zaxby's chicken wings
The Loop Grilled chicken sandwich or cheese burger on a GF bun and steamed broccoli
Dominos Pizza GF pizza

Chez Lezan Bakery will bake a delish GF bread if you preorder

Local places I shop for Gluten Free

I shop mainly at Publix and Amazon. Then comes , Native Sun (Jacksonville).

Publix has the best selection. Wal-Mart has some gluten free items that are different than Publix but they are not consistent on what is available.

Betty Crocker Gluten Free (Publix or Walmart)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix: AWESOME!! Can't tell a difference
  •  Chocolate Brownie Mix : Awesome
  • Devil's Food Cake: Awesome
  • Yellow Cake Mix: YUCK! (Better Batter Yellow Cake Mix is AWESOME!)
  • Bisquick Gluten Free: AWESOME..the best pancake mix that I have found! (Better Batter has a faux Bisquick recipe that is more cost efficient when buying in bulk)

Udi's hamburger buns ,hotdog buns, dinner rolls, baguettes, and tortillas: (found in Publix freezer section) I can't remember trying any of Udi's products that were not delish

Bob's Red Mill GF Cornbread Mix : Love this (I buy it on Amazon or Native Sun)

Publix also has a GF chocolate chewy cookie in the bakery!! It's yummm :-)

Gluten Free: Getting Started

Getting Started:
Books I love:

  • BETTER Batter flour is amazing!!!! I buy it in bulk.
    They are online and Facebook {Better Batter on FB}. You can substitute it cup for cup for regular flour. They are always posting coupon codes on Facebook.
    Really this stuff is AMAZING!!!! (I do not get anything by recommending Better Batter)

    These are the GF apps I use:
     Find Me GF is the one I use the most.
Images by Freepik